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Second Grade:

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Third Grade:

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Fourth Grade:

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Fifth Grade:


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Sixth Grade:

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EEK Environment Education For Kids


        E-Nature -



Periodic Table

Science Education Gateway--

Yuckist Site--  

Port of Entry Lesson, Library of Congress  


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Art Sites:

        Artsonia --

National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C.)--

National Museum of Natural History--

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum--

Internet Safety Quiz:


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Collaborative Projects  

Journey North--   

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Interactive Learning  

           Quiz Hub -

        Art Safari--

Boowa and

BBC Little Animals--


Scholastic --

        Song Lyrics--

        I Know That--

            Virtual knee surgery; forecast the weather; see what makes small machines work:

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Internet in the Classroom




         Virtual Fieldtrips--
           Virtual Body –

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Language Arts Sites:  

Enchanted Learning Picture Dictionary--

Fake Out--


        Kid Publishing Site--

Kids Place--

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Math Sites:
           Mrs. Sullivan's Pathways to Empowerment Class recommendation
            Stockbuyers Math and Money activities:

      NEW:  Learn About Money -

    NEW: Money Resource Guide

        Math.Com --


Math in Daily Life--

Currency Converter--

Change Maker Game--  

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More Resources:


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National Geographic Map Machine--

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Online Interactive Stories--

        KidsReads monthly theme – trivia – games--  

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Other Fun Sites




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Resources Online  




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Timely Resources

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