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                        "Caution: Librarians Ahead!"

The Lafayette High School Drama Club will be presenting its One Act Play, "Caution: Librarians Ahead!" on Friday, January 27 @ 2:15 pm and 7:00 pm in the Robert Matzke Gymnasium. A free will donation will be taken. 


"Due to budget constraints, the school is hiring just one position for the coming school year; a replacement for their retiring librarian. The assistant principals hate conducting  job interviews, but it's just one position so things can't go that badly, right? Alas, things are not so simple as a taxidermist, an aspiring garbage truck driver, and a would-be sword swallower are just some of the contenders in a pool of hilariously unqualified applicants. It's going to be a very rough day!"


"Caution: Librarians Ahead" is written by Bradly Walton and published by Brooklyn Publishers and is under the direction of Mrs. Jennifer Wieland and assisted by Mrs. Linda Johnston. 


Cast: Amber Danielson, Bridget Hicks, Kaytlyn Knutson, Ella Marquart, Mykayla Peterson, Cody Renner, Hayden Shulstad, Amelia Warne


Crew: Morgan Koshenina, Kayle Mehrkens, Evlyn Koralewski

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