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Mrs. Jeanne (Morinville) Dufault, a 1952 graduate, might have left Red Lake Falls, but Red Lake Falls has not left her.  Years after graduating from Lafayette High School, she has been donating to the technology department in the Red Lake Falls School District. She recently gave another $20,000 to be used toward technology.

Mrs. Dufault said the idea to do this came years ago when she read an article in the Gazette about a man who had passed away and had donated $50,000 to the community.  She thought it was a great idea and remembered it when she came to the point in her life that she wanted to donate to a worthy cause.

Jeanne worked in a law office for many years and they did not have computers.  She hopes that by contributing to the technology department it will help Red Lake Falls students keep up with the times and how they have changed.

Mrs. Dufault hopes that other alumni from Red Lake Falls will be inspired to remember their home town the way the man in the article affected her all those years ago.

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