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Open Playtime

(Birth to 5 year olds)

Friday Afternoons:  1:00-3:00 PM


Early literacy is important!!

March 13, 2020- "Green"

April 17, 2020- "Blue"   

May 1, 2020- "All Colors"  


          Come and play in the preschool room!!  We will have age appropriate activities set up in the room for your child to explore.  We will include a circle time and a snack toward the end of the day.  Preschoolers (3 1/2 years or older) can stay by themselves if a parent or caregiver wants to run errands around town.  If you fill out a bus transportation slip your preschooler can ride the bus home if it is on a regular route.  Children riding the bus home need an older child to help them get off at the correct location and the parent to pick them up at the bus stop.  Children on IEP’s need to have a parent stay with them for the class time or make arrangements with the teacher.  This class includes: daycares, stay-at-home moms, grandparents, aunts and uncles. 



“Color Your World” Reading Program. 

Each child who attends this ECFE event will have their name entered into the reading program drawings held in May.


Keep reading at home!!



*** Note:  Please do not park in the bus loading areas***

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